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Tuesday, July 24
In for a dime, in for a dollar

I am now irrevocably committed to the next home improvement project. On Sunday afternoon, I stripped the wallpaper from the family room, took about 3 hours, not a bad time, considering. Tonight,
Aaron came over and helped me move the really big pieces of furniture out of the room (TV, TV cabinet, sofa, etc.). I took down the pictures, the window treatments, the electrical outlet covers, etc. No turning back now. Lara figured we'd be done by the weekend, fat chance. If we get the furniture in by next weekend, I'll be happy.

I am under the gun because there are two other projects stacked up behind this one.

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Yes, I have no pride, no shame, nothing...

I am not sure why I agreed to do it, but I brought the infamous postcard in to work today. I'd told the tale in the past, but without the evidence it could live forever as urban legend. No more. There are credible witnesses who can now corroborate the facts. In hindsight, it was incredibly risky, I could have been humiliated beyond human endurance by Tim and Tony. At this rate, I might even post in the picture, in another 15 years.

On the plus side, I found the dreaded card in a folder along with a bunch of old Zippy comics that I need to restore to suitable display quality and hang up.

. . .
Did I mention that I love my new chair? Well, I do.

The biggest problem with it is that I can't walk past without sitting down in it. Second problem is that I am so comfy, I don't feel like getting out of it, so I end up sitting at the computer for hours. Third problem is that I want another one for my office.

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Monday, July 23
Allergic to Bees I am not sure exactly how it works, but it seems that I have become allergic, or more allergic, or whatever, to bees. I have gotten stung a few times in my life, like most kids do. I can recall a few incidents, the usual pain and minor swelling, etc. About 10 years ago, I got stung right on the edge of my mouth while I was out on a long bike ride. By the time I got home, it had swelled almost to the size of a golf ball. I can't specifically recall what meds I took at the time. This weekend, I got stung again. Hannah and I both. She has a small mark on her forearm, but basically no reaction past the immediate swelling and pain. Mine (on the back of my hand) gradually swelled over 24 hours before we got serious about treating it. 36 hours after starting a course of steroids (prednisone), I can now see knuckles and tendons again. Hopefully, it won't get worse with subsequent incidences, but I will be right behind Tina in vacating any premises where bees are present.

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Friday, July 20
Don't call the ASPCA just yet... I almost forgot to refute this heinous allegation. I will have you know that Micio lives like a king. When we got him, there were 2 other cats in our home. They're gone now but all of their furnishings remain. Micio has 2 waterdishes, and 2 litterboxes. He's got full run of the house, sleeps wherever he wants, gets every milkjug zipstrip thingie, you name it.

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Why Fudgy Sucks.

I can appreciate the blandly middle-American tackiness of Fudgy, and the clever way his alter ego, CookiePuss is made from the same mold. I really used to enjoy the 3 pack a day rasping voiceover commercials from
Mr. Carvel. (Didn't he die at 45 from emphysema?)

No, what sucks about Fudgy the Whale is that Carvel ice cream is pure crap. Sorry, it's true, it's not my fault.

. . .
Waitagodamnminit! I must set the record straight here (it seems that's what my blog is for anyway). Yes, as Jenny states, I did s***can ice cream cake but I specifically reference the juxtaposition of cake and ice cream. Recent discussion reveals that Jenny was talking about Carvel cakes, which don't actually contain cake, but that "dirt" in the middle. I was not s***canning Fudgy the Whale.

Of course, I think Fudgy the Whale sucks too, but for a different reason.

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Wednesday, July 18
Who needs Lollypop Farms? Jenny gives all her profits from her CafePress products to Lollypop Farms. Why bother? She's fast on the way to opening her own petting zoo.

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I plead "Not Guilty"
Just lke it says in the banner. I didn't mean to imply that Jenny was anal about keeping the tank full, I just think she's got a good system. Of course, before I'd finished reading Yeller's blog about it, I commented that worrying about it before a half tank was being anal so I guess Daniela qualifies :-)

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Tuesday, July 17
Dead Again I seem to have this little problem with turning off the lights in my car (Honda). Anyone else? I have killed the battery over and over again. My old car (Mazda) beeped if you left the lights on. The Subaru just shuts them off when you shut off the engine (actually sometimes a pain because its complicated to turn on the lights without the engine running). Anyway, I have killed the battery yet again. I left the lights on in the driveway at home on Friday night so the lights were on (well, technically on even though I am sure they went dark within hours) all weekend. I unsuccessfully attempted to roll start it in reverse (yes,I have done this before), jumped it from the Sub, drove to work, forgot all about it. Monday afternoon, stone dead again. Jenny saved me. Drove home, backed into the driveway. Still dead this AM. Roll started and left it running when dropping H at daycare. Drove to work. It restarted when I parked but I am less optimistic about it starting this afternoon. I am not clear on how/why the battery recharges itself and why it sometime works and sometimes doesn't. How exactly does the battery "wear out"?

Next car MUST have some sort of scheme to prevent me from being myself or the deal is off. Actually, it's fairly likely that I will drive the Subaru to work so I should be safe.

In similar fashion, I have managed to run out of gas in the Honda on several occasions. There's no low fuel light. My Mazda had one and I guess I got too used to it, now I am dependent on it. I have tried to adopt Jenny's one-quarter rule: fill it when it gets to a quarter tank. Makes sense, why put it off, it's not like you're not going to need gas ever again.

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Monday, July 16
Oh, happy day! My Aeron chair finally arrived today. It's loverly. I really hadn't expected to get one but Lara really must love me. When my back problems were at their worst, I couldn't even sit for 5 minutes in the chair we have at the computer. It's one of those "college" chairs, the ones that have the school seal embossed on it and its very colonial looking. Completely unsuitable for working at a desk. So, I decided it was worth looking into buying a quality office chair. People who knew about my back problems couldn't believe I was even hesitating about buying a new chair. The chairs in my office (made ny Steelcase) are pretty good, but buying just one would have cost about $500. I knew I could find a chair as good for less money. I did, the Reaction chair from Herman Miller, less than $400. Lara was skeptical. She didn't want me to buy something I'd want to replace in a few years. I told her about the Aeron, that it was really cool and an excellent design and all that, but that I didn't expect her to want one in her house. They're kind of freaky looking, like something off the set of "Aliens", very Giger-esque. After a lot of research and reading and looking around, I finally found a local dealer (I was ready to drive to Toronto to find one) and took Lara to see the chairs. She hated the Reaction "It looks like an office chair" she said and she loved the Aeron. So there you have it. Who knew? The only problem is now I will want one in my office, too.

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Wednesday, July 11
Back...well, sort of...Whew, I'm tired. Vacation was very good but s***can that I am, I can always post-mortem the thing into the ground.

Single biggest error was the order we did the whole thing. We should have done DisneyWorld FIRST, then chilled with the family. H was ready to go home even before we made it to the teacups, and Lara and I are both exhausted and back at work. Mistake. Oh, well.

Trip down was good, pretty much seamless. By the way, if you didn't know, all mapping programs on the web, MapBlast, MapQuest, MapSuck, MapShit, they all completely suck at directions. try this: ask one of them for directions from your home to your office. Let me know if its anything like the route you'd really take. We got totally jerked around getting from airport to the family compound, we only made it on vague recollections from previous trips.

Once we reached the condo, things were good. Hannah had a great time with her cousins and we really enjoyed relaxing and letting her run a bit without our overbearing presence. We stayed up way too late laughing with Lara's brother and his wife.

The run up to DisneyWorld was longer than H was ready for but she hung in there. Getting in and getting to the first park went really well. Lara is an excellent planner and we made adjustments along the way to really make the most of our time there. A clear agenda (entertaining Hannah) made the decision making process much simpler. More detailed account to come...

. . .
Monday, July 2
Vacatione (pronounced: vah-cah-tee-own, apologies to any Spanish speaking persons)

As if 4 weeks of leave for surgery wasn't enough slack time for me, I am going on vacation starting NOW.

We leave at the crack of dawn for sunny Florida, where the Oldsmobiles are white and dinner buffet starts at 2 in the afternoon. I am guessing that they set off the fireworks on the 4th at about 4 pm so everyone can make the Early Bird Special at the Flamingo restaurant and still get a good nights sleep. Yes, I am really looking forward to this.

After all that excitement, we are off to WDW. Yes, Walt Disney World, the model society where the world is made of nothing but happy white folks.

If I see any tanks of liquid oxygen with a withered head bobbing in it, I'll let you know.

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