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Whatever the hell that means.

Tuesday, October 24
I'm a Rabbit, dammit!

Jenny was a rabbit, too. She was disappointed, she wanted to be a Piglet. Millie was a Pooh. I am in disbelief. I cannot believe that any rational person would be anything but a rabbit. One cannot actually function in life in Pooh's Zen-like state or with Piglet's naivete.

Of course, asserting such a belief is just what Rabbit would do.

. . .
Sunday, October 15
Shame on me. I should blog more often.

. . .
Friday, October 6
Don't know 'bout you, but I've had jes'bout'nuff of this place for one week.

. . .
A-hah! Found it!
We found the TV. Pretty lame. Always a good idea to shoot morale in the foot whenever possible. Thanks Portia for stepping up and asking the hard questions.

. . .
Bleh. Sick.
Nah feelin' doh well.
Poh nadal dip, cleckin on da donsls.
Feel scatchy.
Hurtda swalla.
Don' wan' no antibiotics.
Heads kinda hebby. Goes clunk on desk.
ewww, 'neezy supride.

. . .
Thursday, October 5
Yeah! Portia is stepping up to the plate and going to find out where the TV went. She has legitimate need so she's got better grounds to raise the alert. We'll keep you posted.

. . .
Thursday morning and still no sign of the tube. May have to start actually asking around. Meanwhile, I catch the office supply dude and ask him for Velcro hook material and he tells me we need to write up a ticket for it or whatever. No great shakes except that the person who would do this already knew we didn't have any and we needed some. I guess she decided it wasn't important.

. . .
Wednesday, October 4
Don't know 'bout you, but I could do with less of those.

. . .
Go Team Go! Did everyone enjoy that one as much as me?
Still no sign of the TV. I have developed several paranoid and cynical theories about the disappearance of said TV.

. . .
Where's the damn TV?

. . .
Monday, October 2
You go, girl!
Yow! Tina really set in on wailing on me about her woeful chore of mowing the
lawn. I didn't mean to suggest that the task was not daunting. We need some
sense of scale to judge the real effort required. Even better than getting Tina
all riled up though, is reading her
'blog and seeing her dig herself deeper and deeper into The Book. Perhaps most astonishing is that she realizes it after 1 sentence but then continues to utter even better entries after that. I've excerpted the bit here, see for yourself. Virtually every comment is a Book winner:
"The only self-propelling going on was through the use of my thighs (uh, oh, book comment). I was not mechanically assisted in any way. It took me over an hour, even though I was going at Marion Jones speed. All this on a Friday night."
Do written comments warrant entry into the Book?

. . .
Beware the Killer Bees. Hannah got a taste of the ugly side of nature this weekend.

. . .
Sunday, October 1
I don' wanna hear it.
Tina's bitchin 'bout mowin the lawn. My front yard is 21,600 sq.ft. and I ain't got no self-propelled pansy lawn mower. Not to mention, the lawn is lumpy and bumpy and up hill and down dale.

. . .

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